International Nature Farming Research Center (INFRC)

Domestic Programs

Domestic International
Paddy Field
INFRC's Demonstration Farm
(Kyoto, Japan)
Technical Research

INFRC conducts research activities on Nature Farming at its Agricultural Experiment Station in Nagano and other demonstration farms in Japan. The principal research subjects include :
  • Research and Development of Soil Amendments.
  • Detection of Toxic Substances and Chemical Residuals in Crops and Soils.
  • Research on Weed Control and Pest Avoidance Management.
  • Development of Various Weeding Machines.
  • Selection and Breeding of Varieties for Nature Farming Systems.
  • Quality Control of Agricultural Products.
  • Research and Demonstration Experiments on Nature Farming Techniques adapted to Local Conditions.
Chemical Analysis of Soil Photosynthetic Capacity
Cucumber Selected for
Nature Farming
Pumpkin Selected for
Nature Farming

Deseeding Lettuce Breeding Nursery Emasculating Tomato

JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) of Organic Agricultural Products

The Inspection and Certification System of Organic Agricultural Products was started in July 1999 for proper labeling of organic agricultural products.
INFRC started certification activities from August 2000 as a registered certification organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Current Categories of JAS Certification by INFRC
Producer (Production Process Manager)
Farms and organizations that produce and sell organic agricultural products. (Production Unions, Groups, etc.)
Individuals and organizations that manufacture and sell organic agricultural processed foods
Individuals and organizations that subdivide:
a) organic agricultural products; or
b) organic agricultural processed foods.

Certification Area
The mandate for certification by INFRC covers the whole of Japan - from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Certification System

INFRC Organic JAS Logo On-site Inspection
of a Producer
Organic JAS Review
Seminar for Producers

Education and Training Activities

INFRC conducts training and educational programs for developing human resources on Nature Farming. The programs include :
  • Training for Nature Farming Successors.
  • Specialist Training in Japan and Abroad
  • Hands-on Workshops on Nature Farming
  • Study Tours on Nature Farming.
Study Tour Field Training
Workshop Training Hands-on Training

Extension Activities

INFRC conducts extension activities for community development and production of safe food products through Nature Farming. We developed Technical Cooperation Farming and Certification Systems in order to achieve this purpose. In the Technical Cooperation Farming System, we cooperate with farmers who practice Nature Farming or intend to adopt Nature Farming in order to establish a network for exchange of information on Nature Farming.
In the Certification System, we issue the certifications as a farmer who practice Nature Farming, an instructor of Nature Farming and a gardening advisor who understands the concepts of Nature Farming and have an ability to teach it to others. We also cooperate with these people.
INFRC organizes an annual convention on Nature Farming for achievement of its purposes. In addition, we publish a newsletter regularly to distribute the current information on Nature Farming.

Certification System Meeting for
Technical Exchange
Convention on
Nature Farming

Proceedings of the Convention
Nature Farming Newsletter