International Nature Farming Research Center (INFRC)

Founder of Nature Farming

Mokichi Okada
Founder of Nature Farming
Nature Farming, which the International Nature Farming Research Center (INFRC), is conducting research on and promoting internationally, was first advocated by Mokichi Okada (1882 ~ 1955). Okada realized the truths and principles of nature through experiences and practices, and presented the principles of Nature Farming to the public in 1935. A few years later, he started experimental crop cultivation using Nature Farming.

Okada had warned people about the harmful effects of chemical compounds, such as medicines, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, on humans and the environment, about 30 years before Rachel Carson, the author of Silent Spring (1962), warned of similar effects. Furthermore, he foresaw the present age, and in 1946 warned "mankind would soon face an age in which people would not eat food although there would be plenty."

In 1948, Okada published a paper on Nature Farming to inform the Japanese public the necessity of adopting Nature Farming. In 1953, he organized "Shizen Noho Fukyukai" (Association for Promoting Nature Farming) nationwide in Japan, and started to promote this farming method in villages. He advised farmers to study and develop appropriate farming techniques by themselves, and entrusted his followers with the cause of further developing and promoting Nature Farming.

Over time, Nature Farming as well as the organization for promoting it went through various changes. In 1985, the International Nature Farming Research Center was established, and today, this organization is the driving force for conducting research and promoting Nature Farming. It has made significant progress in developing various application techniques of this method of Nature Farming and promoting it in Japan and internationally.