Closing Remarks

Dr. T. Kawashima

Senior Managing Director, International Nature Farming Research Center, Atami, Japan

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished guests and participants of the Sixth International Conference on Kyusei Nature Farming,

On behalf of the Organizers and sponsors of this conference, it is indeed my pleasure to make a few closing remarks and express gratitude to all those who made this event a reality.

The planning of the Sixth International Conference was initiated in Bangkok two years ago. At this conference, the representatives of South Africa invited the sponsors and all those who attended to come to this beautiful and important country.

The planning of a conference is paved with difficulties. This especially so if most of the work is done in a place that is 11 hours flying time from the venue, and also 6 hours flying time from the sponsors. This was in Bangkok, where a network sponsored by our organization, namely Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network, did most of the spadework, in conjunction with two gentlemen from South Africa, Professor G A Smith and Mr. I Yoshida. With the advent of time, changes took place, and we were very glad that the organizers located Professor J F Prinsloo of the University of the North as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. In the last few weeks, we were very fortunate to meet Professors Casey and Jacobs and also Mrs. Steenkamp of the University of Pretoria along with Natasha Harris of the University of the North who helped us significantly to make this a reality.

On behalf of the sponsors, the International Nature Farming Research Center, it is with humility that I thank all of these people. Their inputs were invaluable to make this event a reality. I do also wish to express our gratitude to the Director of the Ubuntu Center, Mr. Huibert Franke and his staff for agreeing to host a day of this conference.

A significant part of planning this conference was carried out at APNAN in Thailand under the guidance of its President, Professor Dr. Teruo Higa, its mentor, Rev Kazuo Wakugami and his staff of the Sekai Kyusei Kyo of Thailand. Many others helped out, especially the young staff at APNAN. The sponsors express their thanks to them.

A conference becomes a success only if participants arrive. They are the lifeblood of a conference. Thus, we do express our sincere thanks to all of you who have come from over 37 countries to be with us today. We do thank you for being interested in Kyusei Nature Farming and EM Technology. Your presentations and active participation will be the success of this event, sponsored by our organization.

Dear Friends, Kyusei Nature Farming, together with the technology of Effective Microorganisms is something that is becoming popular and appropriate in the modern world. This technology is not just magic, but is based on sound scientific and ecological principles. Thus please participate actively in this conference and make it a greater success than envisaged.

It is my sincere duty to thank all of you here toady. Do enjoy your stay here in South Africa, please contribute to the conference and once back in your own environments, use the concepts that you learnt at this conference to make this earth a better place for all living beings.

Thank you.