EM Nature Farming Technology: Research and Extension Activities in Myanmar

C. C. Myint

Agricultural Chemistry Department, Institute of Agriculture, Yezin, Pyinmana, The Union of Myanmar

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Conventional chemical farming methods are generally associated with degradation of environment. Among other things, soil degradation is one of the most serious problems which seriously affect crop production. Increasing prices of agrochemicals often leave farmers with lower profit. Hence attempts were made to formulate a low-input farming system using EM Nature Farming Technology in order to help local farmers to achieve sustainability, not only in agriculture production, but also in soil quality.
Some of the experimental results showing the benefits of EM have been reviewed in this paper. EM when used systematically showed benefits which are greatly magnified when applied in combination with agricultural by-products such as crop residues and farm manures. Results indicated that the combined effect of EM and organic manures showed improvement not only in production of some crops, but also in chemical and physical properties of cultivated soil.
With regard to extension activities of EM nature farming technology in Myanmar, a total of 647 extension employees of Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry have been systematically trained at 12 training-workshops conducted between January, 1994 and July, 1997. The extents under EM nature farming technology have now increased from 900 acres in 1993-94 to 2,000,000 acres in 1997-98 cropping season.