Nature Farming Research and Development at the Naturfarm in Lompoc, California, USA

J. F. Parr and S. B. Hornick

The Nature Farming Research and Development Foundation, Lompoc, California, USA

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The Naturfarm is located near Lompoc, California and comprises about 75 tillable acres of cropland. The farm was acquired in 1 988 to demonstrate rflefeasibilty of large-scale, commercial vegetable production in the United States using nature farming methods and a permanent-bed planting system. It is certified as an organic farm by the California Certified Organic Farmers Association (CCOF). The Naturfarm is supported by Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Atami, Japan and managed by the Nature Farming Research and Development Foundation (NFRDF) to promote the development and feasibility of Kyusei Nature Farming and EM technology through research, education and outreach programs. The Naturfarm also produces organically-grown vegetables for Johrei Centers and for local and regional markets. Management strategies at the Naturfarm focus primarily on the integration of non-chemical methods to maintain adequate soil quality and to control harmful insects and weeds while achieving optimum crop yields and quality.