Chita-Kusagi Farm

The demonstration of Nature Farming and the test and trial cultivation of new vegetable cultivars are carried out at the farm.

farm_chita1 farm_chita2
farm_chita3 farm_chita4

The roles of the farm are as follows.
– Exhibition of research outcomes and the test and trial cultivation of new cultivars
– Cultivation experiments of crop land and paddy fields in a temperate environment
– Promotion of Nature Farming through filed tours

Established on: April 1, 2011
Farming area: 1.75 ha (6 paddy fields, 4 crop fields and a greenhouse)
Elevation: 35 m
Annual average temperature: 15.7 °C
Annual precipitation: 1,498 mm
Annual hours of sunlight: 2,051 hours
Soil type: Gley soil

Nature Farming