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Privacy Policy

The International Nature Farming Research Center (INFRC) collects, handles and uses the obtained personal information with maximum care, according to the following Privacy Policy.

1. Purpose of Using Personal Information

We obtain personal information directly from individuals upon clarifying the purpose of collecting and using it and obtaining their agreements.  In case of indirectly obtaining personal information, we reveal the purpose of collecting and using it.

We use the obtained personal information only for the range of activities necessary for our services, as listed below.  Unless we obtain agreement from individuals in advance or it is allowed by law, we do not use personal information beyond the range of our necessary activities.

  1. Research and development of technologies and the dissemination of Nature Farming.
  2. Delivery of various newsletters, event and meeting announcements and other documents related to Nature Farming and Organic JAS Certification.
  3. Confirmation of the personal information of individuals.
  4. Implementation of right or responsibility based on contract or law.
  5. Other activities necessary for properly and smoothly carrying out our services.

2. Supply of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not supply personal information to any third party without the individual’s consent, except for cases permitted by law, such as consigning a limited range of personal information to a third party for achieving our services.

3. Proper and Secure Administration

We take proper and secure measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and its loss, falsification or leakage.  For this, we make “Regulations for Administering Personal Information” and educate our employees to strictly observe the regulations.

4. Observation of Codes and Laws

We strictly observe the applicable codes and laws for the protection of personal information.

Inquiry on and Disclosure of Personal Information

For any inquiry on personal information or a request of disclosing personal information, contact us at our Contact Us page or mail us at the following address.

International Nature Farming Research Center
General Affairs Department
5632-1 Hata, Matsumoto-shi
Nagano Pref. 390-1401, Japan

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