Activities in Japan

The Chita-Kusagi Farm is the main demonstration farm of Nature Farming in Japan. The farm was established in 2011 in the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture. Our staff of the farm visit experienced local farmers practicing Nature Farming and study their farming practices to share them with other farmers. We also entrust some local farmers practicing Nature Farming with the instruction of the farming method in various areas in Japan.

Our three major activities are

1. Holding Nature Farming Workshops

Organic farming is practiced only in 4 ~ 5% of the entire farmland in Japan. There are not many opportunities for farmers to learn organic farming. These workshops offer opportunities for both experienced and beginning farmers and those interested in Nature Farming to learn the farming method and to share their knowledge and techniques with others. They learn the principles and practical techniques of Nature Farming and build new connections to support each other through visiting Nature Farming fields. The workshops are held at 7 different locations in Japan every year.

2. Hosting Symposiums

Nature Farming is not only a method of agriculture but is also strongly linked to the environment and our health and food. To promote Nature Farming among consumers as well as farmers and to vitalize local communities, we organize symposiums on food, health, agriculture and the environment.

3. Publishing the Newsletter ‘Shizen Nouho ’

The newsletter Shizen Nouho (Nature Farming) provides information related to Nature Farming and organic farming for our supporters. We also issue reports of Nature Farming Workshops and guidebooks of Nature Farming.

4. Nature Farming Instructors

We entrust farmers who have been practicing Nature Farming for many years as instructors for farmers in various regions in Japan.

Nature Farming