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Nature Farming Seeds

There are various technological innovations in the field of agriculture for building sustainable society. As part of the innovations, many new seed varieties have been developed in Japan.
These new varieties are often characterized by disease resistance and better crop yields. They are, however, basically developed for conventional farming and not for organic farming.

Organic farmers prefer seeds with organic certification or native varieties to protect local crop varieties. In-house seed production is an important skill to preserve native varieties. Many today’s farmers, however, do not have the knowledge of in-house seed production at their own farms.
You can buy seeds of local varieties in the market. Most of such seeds, however, are produced overseas to save production costs. Today it is very difficult to find organic seeds produced in Japan. Particularly, vegetable seeds made for organic farming is difficult to obtain. In addition, there is less information on organic cultivation technologies, compared to conventional farming. This is why organic farming has not spread much in Japan. To overturn this situation, we have developed new cultivars that can grow well with minimum fertilization and provide their seeds to organic farmers.

Seeds of our original cultivars are available for pumpkin, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, water melon, carrot, lettuce, beans, sweet corns, turnip, daikon, rice and other grains.
The seeds are sold at a special website, which is available only in Japanese for shipping within Japan only.

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