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Website Terms of Use

For a comfortable use of our website by viewers, we request any viewer to read the following terms of use. It is also noted that the contents of this page may be changed without any prior notification.

1. Copyright

The copyright of the contents of the INFRC website (the Site) basically belongs to INFRC. In case of contents created by third-party consignees, the copyright of each content belongs to the corresponding consignee.

Within the range of “private use” or “citation” permitted by the copyright law, contents of the Site can be downloaded, for example, for printing. Otherwise, no content of the Site may not, without permission, be copied, reproduced, republished or translated to or in other websites or publication media.

If you hope to use contents of the Site beyond the range of use permitted by the copyright law, contact us for permission.

In addition, we do not grant anyone any right based on intellectual property right of INFRC or third parties, such as copyright, patent right and trademark right. Furthermore, we do not grant anyone licenses based on intellectual property right concerning commodities presented or referred on the Site.

2. Alteration, Suspension and Termination of Services

The contents and services of the Site may be altered, suspended or terminated because of server management or site administration without any prior notification.

3. Links to the Site and to Other Sites

We do not recommend the use of any third-party Web site which has links to the Site or commodities, services or company of such a site. In addition, we do not accept links to the Site from any Web site of commercial purposes or contrary to public order and morality.

The contents of the third-party Web sites linked from the Site are administered and controlled by each such site. You should use such sites solely for your own consideration according to their conditions of use. We are not responsible for the contents of such sites and for any damage inflicted as a result of using such sites.

4. Disclaimers

The Site is operated without any compensation and thus we do not promise any guarantee. We disclaim all warranties on the accuracy of the contents of the Site and all liability for any trouble between any third party and you regarding the use of the Site.

We also disclaim all liability for any software, hardware or other damage arising from the use of the Site.

We disclaim, for whatever reason, all liability for any damage arising from the alteration of information on and the suspension or termination of the operation or any services of the Site.

The above disclaimer, however, does not apply if your loss or damage regarding to various services or contents provided directly by INFRC has arisen from INFRC’s intentional or serious fault.

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