International Nature Farming Research Center  International Nature Farming Research Center

Training Programs

Our Agricultural Research Station offers both long and short training programs to train Nature Farming farmers.
There are three types of training programs.

Note: No training program is offered in 2023.

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1. Regular training program

8 to 12-month training to learn the knowledge and practical techniques of Nature Farming through crop cultivation, as well as methods of scientific approach to understand the lives of crops and nature in farmland for utilizing the power of nature.

2. Short training program

1 to 3-month training for those who hope to learn specific farming practices and methods in Nature Farming.

3. Research exchange program

This is a training program for employees and researchers sent by public organizations or research institutions. The content of the program is determined upon discussing with the corresponding organization.

For inquiry about training programs, contact us through the Contact Us page.

† Currently, the above programs are given only in Japanese. We will make an announcement when programs in English become available. It should be noted that we cannot make any arrangements for visas for participants from overseas.

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